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WHEN: Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-26, 2019
WHERE: Canton, MI
FEES: 4v4 $575; 7v7 $675; 9v9 $700, 11v11 $725
Application deadline was: Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019
PAY TO: Canton Soccer Club; PO Box 87244 • Canton, MI 48187
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees

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Brackets are posted, please confirm
April 26, 2019
Hi all,

Brackets are now posted for review until Sunday, April 28th at midnight when we will take them down for any needed changes. We will email you once brackets are final.

You must login to your account and confirm in order to get the needed documents. Please read the instructions below and contact the

We are pleased to ACCEPT YOUR TEAM LISTED ABOVE as a participant in the 2019 Canton Cup.

Michigan State Youth Soccer Association mandates that all sanctioned tournaments abide by the small-sided play. Some teams that requested to play formats other than small-sided are classified a year up. Example U12s playing 11v11 are classified as U13Y and U10 teams playing 9 v 9 are classified as U11Y.

We are distributing the acceptance materials via our web site. IMPORTANT: THIS WILL BE THE ONLY METHOD OF ANNOUNCING and CONFIRMING THAT YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED. You must CONFIRM first to receive the materials. Please read the procedure below:

by following these steps:
1. Go to the web address: HOME PAGE at
2. Enter your TEAM ID NUMBER in the login field to the IMMEDIATE LEFT of the photo on the front page.
3. Click on the LOG IN button
4. You will be sent to a page with your team information.
5. Click on the link that says "Click Here to CONFIRM Acceptance"
6. You will then be sent to a page that lists all the FORMS you will need for registration

To submit the completed checklist and passcard copies, attached the files to an email and send them to Include in the subject line of the email: the Team ID, Club, and Team
Name (example: 1546371435 Canton Celtic U16 Boys Black). Returned files in PDF format are preferred.

Brackets will get posted for review from April 24-26. If there is an issue, we ask that you please email Jamie at Please list specific reasons for your request with examples (like the team a division below us beat us twice this year by five goals, or I play this team all the time and request to be on the other side of the bracket). Final brackets will be taken down on April 27th and the final brackets will be posted on April 29th.

To get DUPLICATE forms at some date in the future, simply log in again using your TEAM ID NUMBER. The link will then say "Click here to get duplicate forms" When all the teams have confirmed, we will post a quick button on the front page that leads to the duplicate forms.

ALL SIGNIFICANT ANNOUNCEMENTS REGARDING the Canton Cup WILL BE SENT TO THE PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS YOU SUPPLIED ON YOUR APPLICATION. All changes will be posted to the Web site as they occur, so please check often.

Schedules get posted as soon as possible. We have many coaching conflicts to go thru and requests so please be patient. When they are available, you will be sent an email AND they will be available from the drop down menu at the upper left corner of any page on the web site. If there is a scheduling conflict or error, please email the scheduler at ASAP.

Scores will be posted on the web site during the event. We strive to post the scores as soon as possible so families or players who are in other parts of the country, or must remain home can still keep track of the action.

Pre order forms will be available soon and we will email once ordering is available.

Please read carefully our inclement weather policy listed in our Tournament Rules. We will look to inform our guests via website, social media and the Canton Cup app.

Good Luck and welcome to the 2019 Canton Cup!

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