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Welcome to the 2023 Canton Cup


Champions and Finalists for the 2022 Canton Cup

Div Champion Finalist
BU07_Marines_4v4Michigan Wolves '15Michigan Wolves '15 Black
BU07_Army_4v4Waza 2015 BlackLiverpool Ann Arbor 2015 Boys Academy
BU07_Navy_4v4Liverpool Ann Arbor 2015 Boys Pre AcademyDetroit City FC West 15B Black
BU08_Marines_7v7Detroit City FC West 14B RougeMichigan Tigers 2014B Silver
BU08_Army_7v7Dearborn Jaguars 2014 GreenDetroit City FC South Oakland 14B Rouge
BU08_Navy_4v4Lakeshore StehouwerDetroit City FC West 14B Gold A
BU09_MarinesMI Wolves 13Detroit City FC West 13B Rouge
BU09_ArmyDetroit City FC West 13B GoldMI RUSH DOWNRIVER 13B
BU09_Navywest michigan storm U9B MaidenMichigan Jaguars Novi Boys 2014 White
BU09_AirForceMichigan Jaguars CW3 2013 Boys WhiteDetroit City FC West 13B Silver
BU09_SpaceForceRoyal Oak FC '13b WhiteForce SC 2013 White
BU10_ArmyDetroit City FC West 12B GoldNationals CA 2012 Boys Black
BU10_NavyGenesee Nationals 2012 Red2012 Boys Pre-Academy
BU10_AirForceFC 12 EliteDearborn Jags 2012 White
BU11_MarinesMichigan Jaguars FC Genesee 2011 BoysDetroit City FC West 11B Rouge
BU11_ArmyWolves 12Michigan Jaguars '11 Black
BU11_NavyPumas Detroit 2012Plainwell Force Ballhawks
BU11_AirForceWaza 2011 BlackFCA Lenawee BU11
BU11_SpaceForceNationals Troy 2011 boys RedNationals Troy 2012 Red
BU11_CoastGuardTigers/VasseliCanton Sharks
BU12_MarinesMI Wolves 2011 AcademyMichigan Tigers 2011 Boys Gold
BU12_NavyFC 10 EliteBC United - B2010
BU12_AirForceGrindDCFC Downriver 2010 Boys Rouge
BU13_MarinesMICHIGAN WOLVES 10 ACADEMYPlymouth Patriots (TO)
BU13_ArmyDCFC City Select 09B RougeDetroit City FC Genesee 09B Rouge
BU13_NavyMichigan Wolves HYPE 09Romeo FC Rapids
BU13_AirForceDetroit City FC Genesee 10B RougeWaza FC 09 Black
BU13_SpaceForceBC United - B2009Canton Vipers
BU14_NavyMichigan Tigers FC 08 Boys SilverForce SC 2008 Green
BU15_MarinesDetroit City FC West 07B RougeSaline FC 07 Boys Black
BU15_ArmyMichigan Tigers 2007B BlueMichigan Wolves HYPE 07/08
BU15_NavyForce FuryPanthers
BU16_MarinesDetroit City FC West 06B RougePlymouth Reign 06 Green
BU16_ArmyDCFC City Select 06B RougeSaline FC 06 Boys Black
BU16_NavyPlainwell Force BallhawksDetroit City FC Genesee 06B Rouge
BU17_MarinesDCFC Downriver HSB BronzeDetroit City FC West 05B Gold
BU17_ArmyMichigan Rush Lansing 05B NeroSporting Michigan 2005 Boys Blue
BU18_MarinesDetroit City FC West 05B RougeForce Shockwave
BU19_MarinesDetroit City FC West 04B RougeGrimsby Town FC
GU07_Marines_4v42015 Hawks CarterDetroit City FC West 15G Red
GU07_Army_4v42015 Hawks MorganDetroit City FC West 15G Green
GU09_MarinesDetroit City FC West 13G RougeMI Jags 2013 Girls Green
GU09_ArmyDetroit City FC West 14G RougeDearborn Jaguars 2014 Girls Green
GU09_NavyUFC 13G-GRForce SC 2013 Green
GU10_Army2012 Dearborn JaguarsNationals Livonia 2012 Girls Black
GU10_NavyUnited FC 12G-WHDetroit City FC South Oakland 12G Rouge
GU11_MarinesMichigan Burn 2011 Girls BlackMichigan Hawks 2011 Clark
GU11_ArmyMI Rush Downriver 11GBC United - G2011
GU11_NavyDetroit City FC Genesee 11G GoldPlymouth Reign 11 Girls Green
GU11_AirForceDearborn WarriorsCSC Kangaroos
GU12_MarinesDetroit City FC West 10G RougeCATS FC 10 Purple
GU12_ArmyFarmington SC Fusion 2010Force SC 2010 Green
GU12_NavyForce SC 2010 WhitePlymouth City Warriors 2010 Girls
GU13_Marines2010 Hawks MorseDetroit City FC West 09G Rouge
GU13_ArmyFarmington SC Fusion 09 RedMonroe United G09
GU14_MarinesSaline FC 08 Girls BlackWest MI Storm 08 Girls
GU14_ArmyForce TornadoesMichigan Rush Northville 08G Vipers
GU14_NavyLady Chiefs 09 RedBlitz
GU15_MarinesFCA Lenawee GU15Detroit City FC West 07G Rouge


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